Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Virgo woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Genuine, warm, analytical, gentle, sophisticated, process-oriented, eco-conscious, empathetic, hardworking, exceptionally organized, trustworthy, versatile, practical, independent, altruistic

Negative traits: Unrelatable, overly critical, pretentious, self-critical, easily stressed, anxious, petty, withdrawn, passive-aggressive, self-sacrificing

Of all signs, people born under Virgo are by far the most misunderstood. Though the virgin representation is fitting in terms of their perfectionist and “pure” tendencies, their “I have my $&#% together and on lock” front is a defense against insecurity. These people are often more reserved, which this depends on their ascendant and moon. However, their reserved demeanor stems from a deep yearning to be themselves as they’re old souls trying to re-acquire their youthful spirit.

Most people know Virgos to be either “awkward”, goofy, and/or corky. These people are quite humorous with an ability to make others laugh simply through being themselves. The issue is Virgo has a hard time laughing at themselves and picks themselves apart with self-criticism when they question their self-worth or anything of the sort. This eventually carries into their worldview, how they see other people in general, to include their livelihood. They don’t lack confidence– they simply sabotage themselves out of thinking they have it. Corky and goofy doesn’t mean unattractive, however. These people are exceptionally health cautious and are often into meditation practices. As versatile beings, people of this sign are commonly athletes, yogis, or nature-goers. Yes, Virgos find peace and wholeness in nature which allows them to re-center. Likewise, many also prefer cleaner diets as they are physically sensitive to all energy– to include the foods they digest. Even non-athletes or non-active Virgos [which they usually have too much energy not to be] often have good health and physiques. Therefore, many under this sign find the self-expression they need through modeling, social media aesthetics, fitness, or anything of the nature.

As the virgin is associated with purity, people are overly presumptuous of Virgo and their ability to handle great deals of responsibility. Yes, Virgo– ruled by Mercury– has a mind which processes energy and information like a machine. Many find themselves leading a group or organization in their respective areas. This does allow them to successfully fulfill the meticulous yet extremely important tasks most people just don’t have the critical eye for. Virgo is also the type who can’t be their best when their energetic landscape isn’t at its best. If these people surround themselves with negative people or are constantly placed in negative situations, this is where we see this overly critical side. Many are quick to bash Virgo as a “know-it-all” for their ability to meticulously pick apart anything; however, the devil is in the details for these people as their energy is sensitive to details. If we all had the same critical eye as Virgo, we’d act the same way as them. They literally can’t help it.

However, their self-sacrificing nature often bends them at the world’s beckoning call. This hinders them from growing into the boho-lax beings they truly are– who just want to be and let others be. Truth is, Virgos aren’t as boring or serious as we paint them to be. When they have little to worry about, they feel much better about indulging in fun and their own happiness. Matter of fact, more Virgos than not aren’t so much reserved but reserve certain aspects of themselves in fear of what others will think of them. Virgos are typically confident and won’t necessarily change for people, but they take what others say too personally at times. Highly reputation conscious, people under this sign overanalyze not only others but also their own words, behaviors, and everything in between. This often leads them to either over-explain themselves when it’s unnecessary or completely withdrawal from others. Word vomit and anxiety is the “name a worse duo, I’ll wait” for Virgo.

Moody can be a correct word to use; however, overwhelmed is much more fitting for our dear Virgos. Certain emotions and situations are often dealt with passive-aggressively. Virgo might be vocal and opinionated, but they aren’t necessarily confrontational. Naggy and hard to please at times, they will feel they have a right to their happiness all to turn around and sell themselves short– not because they don’t know their worth but their empathy talks them out of discerning who is good or bad for them. When people say Virgo is “too needy”, it’s really the fact they get sick of carrying the weight they willingly burden into themselves by wanting to fix everything– to include people. So “needy” isn’t correct considering they’re called needy by the people who need Virgo more than Virgo needs them.

To add, their humanitarian side doesn’t go unnoticed when they have an opportunity to serve their communities or lend a helping hand. People see Virgo as a “tough cookie” who is petty over something like the dollar they lent you forever ago, but they simply don’t forget anything. Petty instances like these are triggered from the little things other do that has gotten under Virgo’s skin for quite some time. They’re only petty with the people who they feel wronged them or when it’s an underdeveloped Virgo who overthinks everyone’s intentions. In this case, it’s likely they don’t want an intense fight or to deal with much bigger issues; therefore, they result to pettiness as a countermeasure for confrontation. If they trust you, they can be generous if they believe you’re worthy of it. Aside from this, they’re exceptionally altruistic and are excellent community organizers or anything of the sort. Mutable Earth energy ruled by Mercury? Don’t talk about Virgo until you know the struggle.

Their grace and charm make it look easy, but for Virgo, they’re just trying to carry the weight of the world for everyone else. When they learn to balance their own needs with others, they find themselves loosening up and enjoying life more. Above all, Virgo just wants people to understand. Understand them and you’ll have a loyal, strong, and grateful person at your side.