The Ascendant in Astrology

The ascendant sign in astrology is not the same as your sun sign. Whereas your sun sign is determined based on which sign the sun was in when you were born, your rising sign is the sign which was ascending on the eastern horizon at your exact time of birth. It’s a point on the first house cusp that sets up our entire birth charts. Keep in mind the 1st house rules all matters of self– from perception, appearance, identity, first impressions, among other “firsts” in our lives. It sets the stage for how your entire life can and will play out. The ascendant is arguably the most important part to writing horoscopes and interpreting birth charts. 

Why, may you ask? Astrology is largely interpreted from a geocentric viewpoint– meaning our observations are based on how celestial activity is perceived from our position here on Earth. Hence, why our ascendant has to do with self-perception and identity. However, which house your sun and other planets will occupy are based on the ascendant. For example, an Aquarius sun with a Leo rising would put the native’s sun in their 7th house of partnership, relationship, and reciprocity.

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All rising sign descriptions are personally written and owned by N.J. Ka’iulani.