Taurus Sun Personality

Taurus Sun Overview

Those born between April 20-May 20 have the pleasure of calling themselves a Taurus. The down-to-Earth fixed Earth sign of the zodiac is ruled by Venus— giving them a knack for beauty, physicality, and the finer things in life. They place value on physicality and timelessly preserve it for what it’s worth. Need not be fooled, however, as their chillness is due to their need for pleasure and wholesomeness. They’re not shallow, as they’re overall kind, fun loving, generous, easy going, and not to mention simplistic and rather predictable.

In comparison to the other Earth signs, Taurus can be considered more on the extrovert side (though their personal chart matters in this case). Many sources characterize them as introverted and lazy when they’re generally high energy. This isn’t to say they don’t enjoy down time— after all, the whole self-care hype around Taureans is not far fetch whatsoever. They may be reserved in who they regularly surround themselves with; however, their social adaptability deserves a solid rating. Taureans are well liked among their peers for a number of reasons. People enjoy their presence largely because of their optimism and boisterous personality. Whether it be winning “most school spirit” to dancing center crowd, it’s safe to say they have what it takes to be the loudest in the room. They make friends quite easily, even if their chart places them on the more introverted side. Many are well-acquainted with the friend zone, after all. Those on the more extroverted side may find themselves with many friends and groups, whereas the less outgoing are still interactive when they need to be. In my observations, I’ve never met a truly shy Taurus— even if they seemingly view themselves that way or are more “chill”.

What all Taureans experience internally, however, isn’t too apparent on the surface except through their personal style, makeup, hair, tattoos, piercings, among other forms of physical self-expression. Earth signs generally externalize their experience through their physical environments and bodies. In this case, Taurus has a green thumb and greener taste— as their bougie lifestyles compensate with an extraordinary eco-consciousness. Don’t be surprised if they advocate ethical buying (i.e. cruelty free, vegan, and non-GMO)… and if they don’t, it’s strictly because they’re too “cheap” to pay the extra buck. After all, that green thumb can translate to their thrifty spending habits. Unless it’s good food or something nice on sale they impulsively bought for the low low, they’re considerably cautious spenders. Taurus not wanting to go out isn’t usually because they “don’t feel like it”— it’s because they prefer not to spend the money or put themselves in a position where they get tempted to. Food and going out to eat, however, always has room in their budget.

Taureans popularly have more spatial, naturalistic, musical, and bodily intelligence. Keeping in mind how playful and gregarious Taurus is, many are also business savvy and somehow incorporate their creative passions into an income. It’s no wonder why many opt into sports, modeling, business, music, visual/performative arts, agriculture, health, or other related fields. Taurus is usually noted for their artistic abilities; however, some are on the more scientific or interpersonal side— more specifically anything in the natural or physical sciences (depending on the chart). Netflix binges, designated group DJ, lively discussions, to include time in nature are simple habits of Taureans that offer creative inspirations they channel through sensory details— sound and sight being the primary two (touch following as a close third). This translates to clairvoyance, which is why they often have vivid dreams and premonitions. Hence why they’re visually and physically creative.

The hard work and perseverance of the Bull is where their ultimate setback lies. With their need to provide for and pleasure themselves physically can make them rather complacent. Granted they need the same validation as anyone else, they have a certain empathy where they heavily impose the “I’ll do it myself” onto themselves. In turn, they find comfort in physical pleasures and use it as an emotional defense mechanism. Note the “chill” many talk about just might be them stuck in their own headspace and trying to sort it out with themselves. Don’t ever think they aren’t sensitive. They’re the zodiac’s teddy bear for a reason. They feel intensely but best understand what they experience in this respect through a creative outlet they’re passionate about. An underrated trait of Taurus is their artistic and intellectual curiosity, especially in times of emotional or existential crisis.

They aren’t as close-minded as people assume. Its not fair to label them as “stubborn” when technically we all are. I see many sources label them “conservative” and “traditional”, yet dare to be different Taurus would beg to differ. Especially in today’s changing social world where their eccentricity is more widely accepted. Keep in mind they rule the 2nd house of security and finances whereas they’re opposite of the 8th house involving inheritances. They’re big family people who uphold and pass on values they were taught. At the same time, they’re also adaptable when they feel it’s safe to— such as not upsetting a family member, friend, partner, and so forth. Last but not least, their so-called conservatism is actually just their worldview that favors slow and steadfast living. They’re often old souls who age backwards— perceived as “immature” when they’re just going with the flow of life. We can talk smack all we want… but there’s a reason they’re successful while looking impeccable even when they’re approaching 40.

Let’s be honest— it’s hard not to love a Taurus. They’re comforting, loving, headstrong, yet interesting people to have in our lives. Mostly everything about them is wholesome, even their bougie lifestyles and slightly indulgent habits. Behind their large appetites is a larger heart who wants to love the same way it craves it. “Chill” and “down to earth” doesn’t do it justice— Taureans run as deep as their roots.

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