Taurus Personality Profile

Positive traits: Down to earth, aesthetic, affable, boisterous, fun-loving, versatile, zestful, strong-willed, passionate, loyal, consistent, vocal, harmonious, amiable, steadfast, compassionate, eco-conscious, creative, genuine

Negative traits: Indulgent, irresponsible, lack of self-control, aloof, inconsiderate, moody, inconsistent, passive, self-destructive, stubborn, complacent

Taurus the Bull has a lot more to them than what meets the surface. The bull as an animal is often misperceived as the heated, stubborn, and a reckless fighter. On the other hand, what we often don’t hear about these dashing creatures is their grace and poise before the cape triggers their fumes. People born under Taurus often demonstrate similar behavior as they are down-to-earth and mostly harmonious. Now, this isn’t to understate Taurus’s zest for life and the high-energy they possess in given instances. Boisterous and charismatic when they want to be, Taurus can easily step out of their comfort zone and into their carefree wild child side.

Ruled by the Earth element along with the Venusian energy, these people generally express their appreciation for the arts through physicality. Whereas air and water elements usually gift certain individuals to channel what lies in the intuitive and emotional depths needed to create this art, Taurus has a knack for refining how it physically surfaces and can be transformed into other forms– which is why it’s common to see people under this sign with a lot of humility and inspiration for others whom they find fascination with. Because of the Venusian influence over this sign, these people often have a knack for a wide range of sports, aesthetics, vocals, and arts– more specifically anything which allows physical expression.

Despite their hard work and talent, people born under this sign are often under-measured in terms of their intelligence despite being well-liked among their peers or having any prominence in their respective area of interest. Because most Taureans are artistic while the others are mostly involved with anything requiring consistency such as careers in finance or anything business related, they aren’t as inclined to deep, analytical thinking unlike their fellow Earth signs. Ironically, they’re a go-with-the-flow type person who needs structure. The twist is they work better through flexible structure, which is achieved through either partnership or capitalizing on any creative endeavor so they can be their own boss. However, just because Taurus is more inclined to art and creative physical expression doesn’t mean they aren’t intelligent… whatsoever. Unfortunately, how our world views intelligence is why many point fingers at Taurus– which of course, does great injustice to the powerful beings they can grow into.

Plenty of Taureans can be more intellectually inclined– especially if they have a stronger fire or Mercurial presence in their personal natal chart. These Taureans may be seen in areas of critical theory, philosophy, law, or in many cases areas such as business and/or finance– as they also rule the 2nd house of materialism and finances. Regardless, intelligence is a social construct in itself– consciousness is not. A more developed Taurus is especially socially and personally conscious, but go on about their “lack of intelligence”. Even the Taureans less artistically inclined or less analytical are often expressing art through the physical human body or the natural environment. This is why they are also inclined to any career or interests involving health, agriculture, etc. Likewise, these people are eco-conscious and have a “green thumb”, so to speak.

Due to their great deal of energy and enthusiasm, they often pour it into an extracurricular activity– which is where their extrovert comes out. On the other hand, they need rejuvenation and alone time before setting out into social events. As it’s common for them to get complacent in their carefree lifestyles, it also gets them into trouble with others, themselves, and especially their health. They often repress instead of confronting personal problems which eventually re-surface when they seek fun in drinking, eating, or anything which can be overly indulged in. Aside from them simply not thinking, they eventually become successful– especially when it comes to creative endeavors.

Though this sign isn’t noted as the “leader”, leadership doesn’t always entail a position. Taurus, for example, is ultimately a leader through how strongly and fearlessly they express their individuality. Another misconception is Taurus expects others to conform to them when that’s simply untrue– they’re unwilling to conform themselves. Note the difference. They lead through their own example and unconventionality which in turn inspires many. If anything, Taureans are among the least judgmental in the zodiac. While they’re less critical of others, another personal setback is their inability to be critical with themselves– hence what I mean when I use the word “complacent” a lot to describe them.

Most Taureans outgrow their negative traits with age. Simply put, they’re the embodiment of “slow and easy living”. They’re often “late bloomers” who, once they pull themselves together, have a lot of perspective to offer the world and are bound to achieve great success.

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