Taurus Rising Personality

The ascendant sign in astrology is not the same as your sun sign. Whereas your sun sign is determined based on which sign the sun was in when you were born, your rising sign is the sign which was ascending on the eastern horizon at your exact time of birth. It’s a point on the first house cusp that sets up our entire birth charts. Keep in mind the 1st house rules all matters of self– from perception, appearance, identity, first impressions, among other “firsts” in our lives. The ascendant is arguably the most important part to writing horoscopes and interpreting birth charts.

Why, may you ask? Astrology is largely interpreted from a geocentric viewpoint– meaning our observations are based on how celestial activity is perceived from our position here on Earth. Hence, why our ascendant has to do with self-perception and identity. However, which house your sun and other planets will occupy are based on the ascendant. For example, an Taurus rising with a Scorpio sun will likely have a 7th house sun— the sun conjunction the descendant— which will bring their focus to 7th house matters of relationships, partnerships, etc.

The midheaven/zenith (MC), nadir (IC), descendant (DS), and ascendant (AS) are all points that mark the angular house cusps. It isn’t just an “angle”. Remember the angles are the squares that set up the chart’s quadrants. The AS/DS/MC/IC are exact perpendicular points to each other that represents the most important areas of our lives— identity, family, friends/lovers, and ultimately our soul’s purpose.
A Taurus ascendant can also have a Capricorn MC/Cancer IC depending on their exact degrees of the given placements.

“Ascendant” and “rising” sign are synonymous.

Taurus Ascendant Overview

Having an ascendant in Taurus adds a groovy and boisterous energy to the sun and moon duo of the native. One can call them down to Earth and easy going. Though true, it isn’t necessarily the defining trait of this placement. What distinguishes them from other rising signs is their need to be “less”, if you will. Generous, simplistic, though slightly bougie, they appear to “have it all”. From their looks, clothes, etc. It’s the reason they’re usually so generous and inviting. Other parts of the native’s chart and their house placements are especially telling of how this plays out.

Of course, people are often misled at first considering this placement has well-defined facial features (and yes, they’re notable for their beauty). “RBF” is common; therefore, people may overlook their friendliness and ingenuity. The ascendant rules our appearances, whereas Taurus rules the throat and tongue. They intuitively press their tongue at the roof of their mouth (correct tongue posture)— therefore stimulating the pineal gland and promoting upward facial growth. It’s why they often have higher, more defined cheekbones and potential for a nice jawline. Not to mention where their clairvoyant and/or artistic abilities are stimulated from. It’s also worth noting the “pretty” [and quite loud] speaking voices they have.

Having nadir/4th house cusp (IC) in Leo with a midheaven in Aquarius indicates one who grew up in the spotlight. This can be anything from being the sibling who’s put on a pedestal, only child, the popular kid in school, teacher’s pet, or anything where the native felt they were held to an inherently high standard or put front and center. Keeping in mind the artistic and performative abilities of Taurus, it’s unsurprising to see them as the center of attention at a young age because of their unique attributes. Of course, they seemingly don’t mind it until they develop a certain level of self-awareness that they have a right to be the individual they want to be. If the native has a Capricorn MC, this comes with a Cancer IC— which, comes with similar themes. However, it often involves more caretaker responsibilities and impositions in the home life for the native. Rather than needing to be less, Capricorn MC/Cancer IC is more about claiming success for themselves and their own sense of achievement. It’s also common to see these folks more inclined to the physical and natural sciences, even business. Both MC/IC placements, however, suggest a strong generosity in the home— making them a hostess with the mostest or someone with an elaborate living space and habits.

Their go with the flow personality can manifest into complacency— therefore putting them in a mild identity crisis come time their Aquarius MC is activated (usually late adolescence or early to mid adulthood when they’re given the freedom to be whoever they want). Many go through little phases of experimentation with their appearance, style, creative talents, and public presence— taking on a “socially unacceptable”, unconventional, impractical, or perhaps rebellious approach in expressing their truest selves. Granted this placement comes with reserved and frank mannerisms, noting them as “conservative” the way many do with Taurus in general just might be insulting to them. After all, they’re relatively progressive and eccentric when you get past the wall they put around themselves. It’s at this point in their development when they adopt a strong values based worth ethic where they find fulfillment contributing to something behind the scenes. Despite their mad creative potential they can eventually cast away as a side hobby, they typically outgrow the need to be front and center. It’s unsurprising to see them work for a company (or start one) that strongly matches their values.

Both the Aquarius and Capricorn MC offer the native a strong sense of humanity, to include social and cultural awareness. It’s common to see some pursue careers in anything requiring physical performance such as sports, fitness, health, modeling, dramatic arts, and so forth. Mentioning the lungs and throat as the Taurus ruling part, those with a strong Venus or Neptune presence in their chart are excellent musicians, vocalists, etc. For others, the artistic and/or business realms are well-suiting— depending on the native’s sun and other placements. It’ll most typically be the visual or performance arts, and even those with other pursuits often have an artistic knack or hobby. Those who consider themselves more on the analytical side may find themselves in finance or business management (an Aquarius MC may even suggest working for a global company or non-profit organization).

Not to say they’re inconsistent with their individuality. God knows this isn’t true, especially with fixed signs holding together the angular houses. Simply, the dare to be different Taurus longs for the world to see this side of them. A Scorpio descendant/7th house cusp can add secrecy to how they express themselves around those they love as well (depending on the chart). Of course making it more difficult to overcome the aforementioned challenges that can arise with a Leo IC. It suggests why many with this placement seem so mysterious from the outside yet intensely loving and generous towards those within their inner circle. It may be surprising to many how passionate and caring these folks can be, considering they sometimes come off as aloof or overbearing— therefore causing them to restrict what emotions they express. They grew up feeling they didn’t have a safe space to express their true selves due to the others’ reprimands. Basically, people often enjoy the traits and talents of this placement so much that they don’t want the native to change.

Meanwhile, it’s everything in the native’s destiny to embrace their eccentricity and spunk. It sets the stage for the potential leadership that can arise with the Capricorn or Aquarius MC. Overall, this placement takes on the gentleness and gregariousness of a Taurus; eccentricity of an Aquarius; nurturance and interaction of a Scorpio; and the commanding home presence of a Leo. Having a generous amount of attention, support, resources, and even expectations in the native’s upbringing pushes them to want a life of simplicity. Which has more to do with how the angular houses set their journey and less with them being “down to earth Taurus”.