Taurus Moon Personality

Moon Sign Overview

Your Moon sign is not the same as your Sun sign (unless, you’re a New Moon baby). Whereas your Sun sign is determined based on the month and day, your Moon depends on where it is during its 28 day lunar cycle. Switching signs about every 2 days. The Moon sign is the antithesis of our Sun sign— indicating how we internalize rather than externalize our experiences. It tells us how we nurture and need to be nurtured. 

It’s equally as important to our Sun signs and is most apparent in emotionally or intuitively intense situations. Many people seem to identify more with their Moon signs due to the familiarity of our internalizations. However, family and intimate relationships are also the ones who are most susceptible to our Moon sign qualities (as opposed to Venus signs that are more surface level).

Taurus Moon Overview

Those with a Taurus Moon are sagacious old souls to the core. First they’re sour, then sweet. Their emotional nature is liminal with distinct sensitivities to vibration. As the Moon is exalted (strongest) in Taurus, they have to their process what they experience both emotionally and physically— embodying yin while exhibiting yang. Boho-lax with a dash of extra-as-hell, a Taurus Moon is a mellifluous and powerful placement.

Highly receptive to all vibrational energies— especially color and sound— their emotional expressions and intuition are channeled through their physical senses. They absolutely need to physically see, touch, or hear to understand themselves. It’s no wonder why they’re oftentimes [but not limited to] clairvoyant and clairaudient. Vivid dreams, seeing auras, premonitions, see or hear spirits, deja vu, ringing of the ears, and/or hearing unexplainable music (often from other time periods) is common. Clairgustance (clear tasting) and clairscence (clear smelling)— though less common for other signs to have— is most likely to be seen with a Taurus Moon. They can attach sentiments to food, to include unknowingly associating their memories with smells and tastes. So don’t be surprised if they have specific go-to perfume or scentsy in their home… it brings them to their happy place.

Any intense color or sound evokes a certain anxiety that, again, they can’t help but express dramatically. Their vibrational sensitivities— to include overly bold colors— suggest why they prefer Earthy and serene colors. The perfect example in respect to sound— will ride with the windows down, flying down the highway, and blasting their favorite music (usually back and forth between high energy and chill vibe music genres)… but when you say something after a period of silence, don’t be surprised when they grab their ears and ask you [in a soft spoken voice] to not be so loud. Then again, it’s their sensitivities that can gift them with a knack (or at least a deep appreciation) for art and beauty. Speaking of which— don’t be surprised if they have an artistic outlet they keep for themselves. Whether they pursue or showcase any artistic talent, however, largely depends on the Sun, rising, and midheaven sign. However, having a Taurus Moon gifts the native with an ability to channel through visualization, dreaming, to include vocalization (hello, shower singers).

As the Moon rules over our home and family sector, it’s common for the native to be the ‘spoiled’ child compared to their siblings, as they’re a bit reactive to the word ‘no’ (especially when it’s coming from someone they love). Taurus Moons are also quite adamant about their living space. Aesthetic is equally as important as comfort. As mentioned, they typically prefer Earthy, natural colors in their home decor. The same can be said about their style, though the rising sign reveals more in this area. A bit stubborn and defiant to authority growing up, though not troublesome necessarily. They take on the view of being an ‘equal’ at a young age. Parents who are welcoming of this unpopular approach find the native to not only act friend-like but also more homely. Self-care routines, sunshine, and escapes into nature are usually of great importance to the native as well.

They’re known for being somewhat melodramatic in emotional or intuitively intense situations— which, is surprisingly more of a good than bad thing. Many find it entertaining even. However, their emotional demands are usually realistic and simple— which, is why they get so upset. They sometimes struggle articulating what they’re emotionally experiencing to where others don’t know how to respond accordingly. Their dramatic expressions are both a release and an attempt at communicating how they feel. Not to mention having physical inclinations alongside deeply feeling what they experience to where their intentions are flat out misleading sometimes. They sometimes seem angrier or more excited than they actually are, to include having to be provoked to see their burrowed yet hasty temperament. Thankfully, Taurus Moons are good with validating and understanding their own emotions. Even if they don’t give themselves such credit (or too stubborn to admit it).

Taurus Moons— as an exalted placement— offer harmony and intensity to how the native expresses their emotional nature. Unlike Cancer Moons (ruling sign), there’s strong identification with emotional and sensory experiences. They see the world in vivid colors and listen with surround sound. Smelling the rose and tasting the honey suckle. Wildflowers flowing in the wind, flying with the birds, while giving everyone else the bird. Back and forth between the feels and forreals— either way, these soul-rockers are felicitous with raw vitality.