Scorpio Sun Personality

Sun Sign Overview

Your sun— also known as your star sign— is the most fundamental part of your entire natal chart. It’s what you see in the daily horoscope column and is central to your zodiac identity. It highlights the main facets of your personality that are most obvious to you and those around you. Not all sun sign traits will resonate, as each individual has a personal natal chart that reveals more about your personality than the description below.

Scorpio Sun Personality

Anyone born between October 23 and November 22 is of the Scorpio zodiac sign. Scorpio is the fixed water sign of the zodiac denoted as the scorpion. Everything about Scorpio. Secretive. The eyes… the hair— it’s full of secrets. If you didn’t catch the Mean Girls reference, then this is also a good time to mention Rachel McAdams– a.k.a. Regina George– is a real life Scorpio herself. Ruled by Pluto, let’s just say there’s more spice than sugar and nice to them. Fierce and strong willed, absolutely nothing is half-ass about the Scorpio personality (for better or worse).

Scorpio is alluring yet inconspicuous in nature. Though predictable and forthright, they’re also difficult to read from the outside. Of course, this has everything to do with the information about themselves they withhold from others. Notorious for their secrecy, after all. This stems from them being inherently synced to the unconscious mind— which, deals with all psychological processes around the unknown, unfamiliar, and the taboo (such as/more specifically sex). Hence, why their psychic abilities are heightened at almost all times. Their sexual expression and appeal are fundamental to how they hope others perceive and validate them, to include how they interact and connect with others. Their bodies and appearance are of importance to them for this reason (usually why they’re known for a relentless sex appeal).

Likewise to why there’s a specific ‘darkness’ about them. Their Dominatrix grandeur can be a intimidating. Granted they’re charming, low key, and a bit sophisticated, their personality is notoriously intense and passionate. Their energy is overwhelmingly powerful; therefore, it amplifies anything they physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually experience. Of course, this is seen in all areas of their life. Noting why many have an urgency to control anything they deem is possible. Not to say they‘re overly zealous or egoistic— simply, their strong internal compass is what helps them get $%#* done. Their productivity and creativity is almost effortless. Which, their creative side is typically versatile. Their inherent caretaking skills manifests into self-responsibility. In turn suiting them for top notch leadership. As Scorpio also rules the sector of long-term commitments, life/death, and shared finances/resources, it’s no wonder why it’s common to see them in Big Finance, politics, or even top notch positions in the medical industry. They in the very least have a knack for saving and spending money, even if they don’t pursue a career in it.

What many sources won’t mention about Scorpio is their unwavering integrity and how they uphold their utmost dignity. Character and principle are an expectation they hold anyone they give any time or energy to. Some Scorpios intentionally mislead others to think they’re worse than they actually are largely to avoid let down in this area. Either 1) to test people’s loyalty and worthiness to be in Scorpio’s personal space – or – 2) they don’t want confrontation because they feel their intense outbursts negate the situation; therefore, they stop a problem before it even becomes one. They essentially showcase their bad to see who’s going to ride it out through the worst. Then, they showcase their stunningly amazing qualities to those they love or at least respect.

Their naturally rooted skepticism and mistrust towards others can complicate how they achieve validation and confidence. Basically, Scorpio is usually more than aware how savvy and sexy they actually are— they just have a hard time believing people genuinely feel the same. After all, so you see how much hate Scorpio unrightfully gets from the mainstream? They’re strangely optimistic yet cynical. Call it paranoid; Scorpio calls it justified. Plus they crave validation from more people than they’d like to admit, even if they don’t seek any kind of connection with them. They’re exceptionally independent and emotionally resilient as hell, but even they forget they have basic needs for love and validation like anyone else.

Scorpio is considered one of the zodiac’s true empaths— they not only feel and relate to others’ experiences (sympathy), they have impeccable reasoning skills that allow them to discern what is worth their energy (empathy). Same can’t necessarily be said when they’re in love, but, it holds true in general circumstance. Despite how charming, charismatic, and ‘normal’ they are when they first present themselves, they also have a cool and distant side to them. Its especially more present in their work, school, or other interpersonal environments— which, is where most pick up on their mysterious traits is people can’t quite put a finger on.

Note even if Scorpio is a water sign who emotionally operates on cognitive processes, they’re exceptionally analytical, investigative, and naturally strategic in their mindset. Their calculated side is what’s more apparent to those they aren’t close with, which therefore can mislead others to think Scorpio is ill-intentioned and manipulative. The big paradox to Scorpio’s personality: being naturally equipped to deal with the darker side of human nature also allows them to healthily and responsibly channel it better than anyone else. Their not-so-guilty pleasure in anything true crime, conspiracy theory, horror, or magic comes from somewhere. To include an insurmountable level of consciousness and pain tolerance. While most people panic at any inconvenience, pain, or sight of taboo, Scorpio is indifferent yet empathetic. “It be like that tho….” ~sigh~ Considering Pluto rules the unconscious, Scorpio’s ego is of less importance— their unconscious mind and intuition are. The unconscious carries a similar intensity and is expressed differently. People are well acquainted with egoism; not so much their unconscious processes. Hence, exactly why Scorpio is so powerful yet misunderstood to where their power can almost contradict itself. The unconscious creates their physical reality that also allows for a healthy ego, yet an underdeveloped Scorpio can be ruthless and possessive (lacking legitimacy) or completely self-sacrificing (lacking ego). Usually an either-or case based on extremes.

Anyone who catches the spicier side and doesn’t have the blessing to know just how badass Scorpio is— just know they’re far from Satanic (even if they think devil horns and sleek black outfits are a great look for them). Given they’re validated how they deserve to be, they have an empowering quality where their power is almost contagious. They may value ownership, but they value nothing more than what runs skin deep— the energy behind everything we do. Beyond the paranoia and need for control is an appreciation for imperfection. Scorpio is naturally inclined to the side of us that makes us most human— the side that many don’t understand or appreciate. Literally, all you have to do for their respect is let them exist and don’t come at them with any foo foo bool-$#*%.