Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Scorpio woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Exceptionally loving, realistic, charismatic, organized, empathetic, optimistic, protective, discerning, transformative, dynamic, versatile, generous, expressive, strong-willed, ambitious, accepting, intuitive, empowering, loyal, trustworthy, mysterious

Negative traits: Reclusive, inflexible, cynical, intolerant, domineering, possessive, hasty, overly intense, untenable, vengeful, reckless, self-sacrificing, skeptical

The hair… it’s full of secrets. If you didn’t catch the Mean Girls reference, then this is also a good time to mention Rachel McAdams– a.k.a. Regina George– is a real life Scorpio herself! The eyes. Everything about Scorpio. Secretive. As they’re ruled by Mars and Pluto, let’s just say there’s more spice than sugar and nice in this blended personality. These people are strangely optimistic yet cynical; judgmental yet exceptionally accepting of others. However, people born under this sign are far from mean as people often have no idea what to label them. Anyone who catches the spicier side and doesn’t have the blessing of meeting the sweet and nice will easily assume these amazing beings to be cold and dark, but they are far from hateful and “evil”. Simply put, they just have to like or at least respect you so they can be vulnerable with you. The ultimate Scorpio paradox is they essentially showcase their bad to see who’s going to ride it out through the worst. Then, they showcase their stunningly amazing qualities to those they love. Nothing, I mean absolutely nothing, about Scorpio is half-ass. For better or for worse.

Loving, passionate, and determined to succeed, nothing is ever temporary for Scorpio. They pay attention to long-term outcomes as opposed to instant pleasure. It isn’t any wonder why people born under this sign are above and beyond parents, lovers, and employees– which is exactly why they’re often the alphas of their household and workplace. They are the ones who usually come out on top as the underdog or are driven to prove a world who misunderstands them wrong. Another thing worth noting is their ability to organize and plan– which is why many Scorpios are a bit better at handling and saving their money than other signs. This may surprise others considering Scorpios are by no means minimalists and typically have nice belongings. They would rather invest in nice material belongings or more fulfilling traveling experiences than going out/being social.

Scorpios are noted for putting the hot in psychotic– literally, they’re essentially the 4th fire sign. Some Scorpios might pride themselves of such a title while others may consistently put their self-worth into question. Which is exactly why we need to be gentle with our dear Scorpios. As one of the zodiac’s empaths, people under this sign feel out their emotions and intuition with intensity. In a world growingly desensitizing us from honoring our emotions, a Scorpio’s love and generosity is almost profound– which in turn may intimidate many or push them away. On the other hand, the catch is that Scorpio is exceptionally reserved in who they give their time and energy to. If anything, Scorpios often struggle with others mislabeling them when honestly? They’re just their own person. Because their personality is so easily misunderstood, they often refrain from large social settings and groups. Instead, they attach themselves to their tribe– which includes their lifelong friends, family, and partner. Some may call this cliquey, but it’s absolutely necessary for Scorpio’s well-being because they’re eminently protective of their space and all which exist within it.

In turn, this makes them even more mysterious to the outside world. They naturally embrace darkness, struggle, and the natural transformation of life. Granted they can be stubborn and extremely fixed in their ways, add genuine love to the equation and Scorpio will detach from their own biases long enough to make others happy. This can be through friendships, community, relationships, and/or the family unit. After all, the idea of losing someone they care about is too painful for even their dark nature to handle. For this reason, they often strive for perfection and try hiding their own flaws– despite them accepting them from within themselves– just to answer to the world’s reprimands. However, the negative manifestation of this can make them more prone to mental health issues or surface the cynicism they fight to repress everyday. Because this opens them to their own insecurities, we then see a shift from protective to possessive. To be fair, however, they are also masters at self-healing and are able to carry the weight of [mainly their loved ones but sort-of the world] on their shoulders alongside their own. Especially with maturity when they learn it’s safe to be vulnerable with others. They often neglect their own needs and don’t even realize it because these beings are emotionally and spiritually strong… and somehow, our beloved Scorpios pull through more often than not.

While most Scorpios are reserved by nature, they can charm anyone into thinking otherwise. However, they can also confuse others when they miscommunicate how they perceive a person or situation. For the more outspoken and energetic Scorpio, they speak so passionately and excitedly [and therefore intensely] the words come out wrong. On the other hand, the more reserved Scorpio feels they have to say something they don’t mean to avoid drama or keep the peace– but, they aren’t what we’d call “superb communicators”. Now, this doesn’t mean Scorpio can’t communicate considering they’re charismatic and expressive. Confrontational isn’t the right word per se, but these people are more direct and willing to address an issue up front. They often refrain from conflict and can sometimes result to pettiness for the other side to open the floor for dialogue.

However, Scorpios are probably the best secret keepers out of the zodiac because they try to be impeccable with their word. They’re the types who have it in them to ruin your life from the pent-up negative emotions caused by [God knows what with this sign]; however, only underdeveloped Scorpios result to this. Most won’t because promises to them are more than words but a spiritually manifested obligation– but trust me, they considered stooping to it on more than one occasion. The whole “sometimes being right means being quiet” is their personality in a nutshell. If they don’t want to do it, they won’t commit. If they commit and don’t want to do it anymore, they’ll still do it anyways. When I say Scorpio loyalty runs deep– it runs deep. One can screw them over years ago. Guess what? Scorpio is still holding onto that secret they’ve chosen not to use against you.

Whoever is reading this that isn’t a Scorpio– think about this next time before you stoop to badmouthing Scorpio’s character. There’s a lot we’ll never know about these people or what they know about us, and the fact we don’t know should say enough about their strong sense of integrity. Just because their intriguing personalities are difficult for basic minds to understand does not make them “one of the worst” whatsoever. Scorpios hold it down for us when we can’t. Most of us only wish we could be half as strong and powerful as them. For this reason, I strongly argue they are the embodiment of alpha when they consistently show up as better versions of themselves than before.