Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Sagittarius woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Exceptionally bold, humorous, adventurous, light-hearted, amiable, fun-loving, direct, passionate, steadfast, expansive, open-minded, intelligent, creative, philosophical, trustworthy, strong-willed, realistic, opinionated, performative, witty

Negative traits: Inconsistent, detached, reckless, impractical, indulgent, insensitive, flighty, indecisive, emotionally unavailable, argumentative, stubborn, vulgar, controversial, irresponsible

The party has arrived when a Sagittarius comes into this world. What would any of us do without the people of this sign stirring controversy simply through existing? These people have a curious nature to them and are willing to take risks literally for the hell of it. Their self-expression– whether it be through words, clothing style, or questionable behaviors– knows how to get others talking [for better or for worse]. Their transparency is on fleek as they don’t give a rat’s butt what people think of them. They’re here to expand our minds to experience the grander things in life– which checks out considering they’re ruled by mighty Jupiter. Though it’s obvious they’re fun-loving, adventurous, and kind, their personalities make more sense when we try not to make too much sense on them.

Most born under this sign are completely unconventional. As they paradoxically rule the 9th house of higher intellect/institutions/establishment, they are the embodiment of anti-establishment. Oftentimes, this is why so many people enjoy having a Sagittarius around. Their catch phrase might as well be, “How can I ever be old and wise if I ain’t ever young and wild?”. Which is why Sag is quick to dish criticism– not because they have an ego to please but because they’ve been there. Plenty of times. Trust me, they’d probably love to tell you the story about their greatest life screw-ups– and yes, these people are typically hilarious and witty.

They offer the excitement and drastic contrast we could use to enhance our perspective on life. More sociable Sags are likely talking people up at a party about conspiracy theories or the deep mysteries of life. They’re the one accidentally raising their voice saying, “9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB, YOU DULT” as the party looks over at them with raised eyebrows. Likewise, they’ll likely be attracted to any games as they like to win– and chances are, they do. Also note when I say “party”, I’m seeing through symbolic lens of how Sag views life in general– one big party. Even the more reserved Sagittarian may pour their energy into their education or anything pertaining to intellectuality– which these people often have a performative and expressive side they use to channel their brain power.

These people stay young at heart despite their age– which is why many are often “late bloomers” when it comes to reaching their goals. May I note, however, I use this term lightly and through the eyes of society. Though Sag isn’t necessarily patient in ordinary circumstances and are more available when the money is talking, Sag willingly [and preferably] takes their sweet precious time when living life. Patience or procrastination? Honestly, who knows with a Sagittarius. Matter of fact, a more developed Sag who invests their time and energy diligently are powerhouses to be reckoned with because they allow plenty of room for play and travel. As they’re also passionate and exceptionally open to learning new things, they will seek any opportunities abroad which offer benefits– such as anything pertaining to scholarship, military, etc.– as Sag is also smart enough not to burden themselves with more stress than they actually have to. They usually don’t rush their success, and the more expressive Sag people often have earlier breakthroughs in anything involving the public/performance arena.

For this reason, they often have a better, less-cluttered energetic space to operate within. People call Sag lucky– I call it being in tune with higher consciousness and knowing how to pick and choose battles wisely. However, the negative manifestation of this often includes instability and stagnation from constantly seeking greener pastures. Though it can be said this stems from boredom, we have to admit Sag is legitimately smart as hell. They may be a know-it-all at times, sure. At the end of the day, Sag sees our whole existence as a grand social construction that can be changed at any given moment. This pushes many into activism, organizing, politics, or anything related. A more developed Sag, nevertheless, is a champion and admirer of the underdog. On the flip side, however, worst cases often involve this so-called “God-complex” [depending on what kind of presence Pluto/Mars has in their natal chart]. For those with a stronger water presence in their chart may sulk in their mental space as their Sag sun forces them to address certain fundamental truths– which in turn either nurtures their being or impose more intense mental health problems.

Above all, Sag usually comes out on top because they do one thing the universe and every religion asks us to do– not worry and just be. Somehow this alone is enough for people of this sign to be a walking controversy and paradox in one– or so it seems. Much like their sister sign Gemini, Sag is predictably unpredictable. Leave it at that, give them space to grow, and trust they’ll flourish. Because that’s all they need from you– a little light, water, and some space to expand their flowers.