Quantum Theory and Astrology: Could This “Ghost Particle” Be the Particle of Human Consciousness?

Astrology is finally making a compelling presence in our post-modern world– though slowly but surely making its comeback in scientific fact. Of course, this article is mostly for exploring and entertaining some degree of quantum theory and perhaps the underlying connections it has to human development. By no means is this scientifically proven and is only intended to start dialogue on the topic or gear us in a new direction in how we integrate the social, physical, and natural sciences.

As a star gazer and science fiction connoisseur, I’ve done research to the best of my ability in addition to consuming space documentaries a little more than I’d like to admit. Despite popular misconception, the social sciences are far more scientific than people downplay them to be. I’m intrigued with the interconnections found not only in all global processes but also what happens beyond Earth’s boundaries on both the physical and metaphysical planes. I admit because I’m rather young and not as experienced in the physical sciences (though enthusiastic and engaged in learning more about it), I can’t overstate anything in this article either. Please keep that in mind when reading.

First, let’s talk about neutrinos.

What are they?

Neutrinos are considered the building blocks of our universe as they particles even smaller than electrons. These “ghost particles”, according to quantum theory, compose the quantum fields which are more than just subatomic particles but also energy fields in which these subatomic particles interact.

They were discovered in 1959 when physicists Clyde Cowan and Frederick Reines were observing particle reactions taking place in a nuclear power plant. Their discovery was a breakthrough in terms of understanding the building blocks of the universe; however, it also challenged the model scientists had developed since the Scientific Revolution. Here and onwards this study is inspiring the physical science community to modify their understanding of the physical universe.

Where are they and where do they come from?

They pass through the poles of the Earth, through our bodies, all life on Earth, and throughout our entire universe.  They are transmitted from the sun and form from nuclear reactions in stars and other celestial objects.

Here’s the twist: due to these particles accumulating little to no atomic mass, they can’t interact with “normal” matter. Which is where scientists, quantum theorists, and philosophers alike are raising eyebrows. We can somehow observe the effects of protons, neutrons, electrons, and other subatomic particles; however, these little “ghost” particles seem to have no purpose. Likewise, they’re not their own entity as they are a part of a particle’s subatomic structure.

What does this mean for the astrological community?

According to the standard model for quantum theory, there are 12 fundamental subatomic particles. Neutrinos conjoin with the 3 particles of life: electron, muon, and tau particles. They each behave similarly; however, each carries a different mass where the muon particle is 200x greater than the electron while the tau particle is 3000x greater.

This is where astrology is growing more and more plausible. First, the zodiac has 12 signs. What has 3 in astrology? Modalities, which astrology depicts as how energy is processed and transformed specifically through consciousness. Then from there we see how the 12 signs and 4 elements can be subdivided into 3 modalities where the rows and columns of these 12 particles are interrelated somehow.

While scientists are more inclined to call this an uncanny coincidence, it’s intellectually dishonest to overlook how our entire universe has its own mathematical algorithm constructing the dimensions of time and space. From ancient cultures, religions, to the science of time itself, the simple relevance of the number 12 and all which is divisible is essentially what astrology attempts to explain.

12 hours in a day. 12 hours in a night. 12 months in a year. 12 mysteries of our universe. 12 universal laws. The whole point of science is to study phenomena– a.k.a. an observable event or occurrence with no definitive explanation– so it’s even more ignorant to assume 12 has no relevance because humans are subconsciously manifesting our realities based on this algorithm. Hence, subconsciously– meaning we’re unaware and science can’t always solve it for us.

Nikola Tesla, the Tesla Code, and the algorithm of our universe:

All is energy vibrating– especially THOUGHT. The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

Nikola Tesla

Nikola Tesla was an engineer most renowned for his contributions to the creation, supply, and transfer of electricity. His breakthroughs in engineering united science, technology, math, and human consciousness are fundamental to the modern (now post-modern) understanding of astrology. Unlike most scientists of his time, Tesla was well-attuned with the idea thoughts and actions are not only sourced from energy but also a reaction to it– which can explain the phenomenon of emotions. While this can apply to a physical energy system, astrology conceptualizes the idea we– as human beings– are individual energetic entities functioning as one collective energy system.

The Tesla Code stresses this universal algorithm where, in vortex math, everything adds up to 3, 6, and 9. Conceptually speaking, these numbers are technically not physical and actually govern the quantum realm. He believed as long as anyone understood the importance of 3s (Remember the Schoolhouse Rock ‘3 is a Magic Number’?) can and will ultimately understand the universe.

The entire explanation behind astrology is that energy from space affects us here on Earth both individually and collectively. We see here how the Earth’s magnetic field is comprised of 12 quantum fields where the energy process is cyclical as opposed to linear. When the sun transits into a new sign on the ecliptic, that portion of space is activated as an energy field. When the sun isn’t in a specific sign, I wouldn’t say the energy is ‘dormant’ as much as I would say ‘being lazy’. All energy in our universe is always moving; likewise, where physical matter occupies a given space affects how energy travels– for better or for worse.

If we get our energy from space– from solar energy to the how the gravitational pull of our orbit influences physical and geological processes– it only makes sense it’s relevant to all individual and collective processes on Earth. If neutrinos pass through the poles of the Earth and can’t react with “normal” matter, it’s likely because they’re reacting with metaphysical matter.

In conclusion:

Take a look back at the table. Quantum theorists or physicists can’t tell you why there’s 12 total while their energetic properties break down into 3s. They’ve tried. They have no scientific explanation. This is one of things there sometimes the intuitive matters as much as, if not more than, the logical. 

Similarly to Tesla and understanding even particle systems of electricity, it comes to show how the universe within us and the human interactions behave exactly like that of electricity. If our universe is theoretically expanding, which can only be done with energy which requires matter, then that means humanity and the consciousness is very likely driving our existence to expand as well.