Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Pisces woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Exceptionally artistic, youthful, genuine, kind, individualistic, spiritual, caring, fun-loving, expansive, amiable, imaginative, lively, romantic, ambitious, sensual, vibrational, altruistic, preservative, adaptable, soft-hearted, versatile

Negative traits: Sulky, moody, non-confrontational, inflexible, translucent, idealistic, inconsistent, self-sabotaging, impractical, complacent, indecisive, insidious

Pisces, the fish, is a mystical creature flowing upstream exactly where it needs to go. Idealistic, translucent, and care-free, people born under this sign are honestly just trying to find their way. From the outside looking in, they may seem lost or misguided on their path which is why people are overly critical of how Pisces chooses to exist. Yes, they can seem rather lost considering their minds are constantly channeling energy and information from a higher dimension of consciousness. This is often where we associate their sign with spirituality and transcendence– as they’re ruled by the dreamy, watery Neptune. In short, these people use their emotions to fuel their powerful imagination which make them either an imaginative powerhouse or the downfall of their own well-being.

While most associate Pisceans as weird, funky, and eccentric, that isn’t always true. This sign does mostly dominate the arts– specifically the dramatic, visual, and healing arts. On the other hand, they’re actually quite versatile people who associate themselves with a range of different things. Sure, Pisceans are drawn to those who are different and overlooked as their less-developed confidence may see themselves in a similar light. Remember any sign can be insecure, so noting “insecure” as a Piscean personality trait is just senseless. They aren’t insecure as much as they are simply confused on themselves, other people, and the world around them. When they naturally receive a lot of information from higher consciousness that is less apparent to others [their sister sign, Virgo, has a similar issue], it pushes them to question their thought processes and emotions. All the time, for that matter.

For this reason, they seemingly struggle with managing their emotions. Many also note this sign as the “empath”, but I completely disagree. Yes, Pisces are compassionate and can be empathetic. As a water sign, however, they are naturally inclined to art which is accompanied by a strong emotional inclination. These people feel for other people deeply. On the other hand, it usually has more to do with personal emotions and experiences they can personally identify with– which is sympathetic, not empathetic. Now, sympathy is just as powerful as empathy because it allows room for relatability– which yes, these people are quite easy to relate to. Likewise, empathy is intuitively experienced and not so much emotional [intuition and emotion cannot work simultaneously- which is why Pisceans often need solitude to recenter themselves]. They’re exceptionally intuitive when they tap into it; however, their confusion in the physical realm often misleads them in how to process their own experiences.

Their relatability is largely why they’re often well-liked among their peers even when they try convincing themselves they aren’t. There’s something endearing about the Piscean personality because they honestly try to do what they think is best they can in every situation. To them, unfortunately, this isn’t enough even when other people can see their growth. This can negatively manifest into self-sabotage to where they find it difficult to overcome any of life’s limitations. In turn, they’re more prone to severe mental health issues or to bury themselves in their own sulk. Even when they’re called “two-faced”, for example. They aren’t talking behind others’ backs to be mean. Simply put, when everyone brings their baggage and rants to their Pisces friend, Pisces eventually needs an outlet or else the energies present will overwhelm them. It’s not being fake; it’s being human.

No matter how much potential others may see in them, they are often viewed as insecure simply because they struggle accepting the high value of their worth. It has less to do with themselves and more to do with their connection to consciousness. Sure, they can sulk in their own misguidance. This is why they often search for missing truths through new life experiences. Hence why they have an affinity for traveling and nature. Anything that helps them overcome their complacency from being stuck in one place also helps grow their perspective on themselves and others. Because big social settings are overwhelming for them, this allows them to save their money and energy to go experience such things. Yes, these people– despite liking nice things– are cautious spenders. Additionally, people see Pisceans as those who are “willing to never let go”, but this is false. They aren’t as delusional as they are hopeful about what no longer serves them. Their idealism is a source of hope for them, but once that’s gone, so are they.

Remember no sign can have it all. Because Pisces is extremely powerful when it comes to creative and imaginative endeavors– depending on their 1st, 9th, and 10th house placements– their breakthroughs are often louder than Pisces themselves. The struggle to get there, well, is just harder than most people’s. Sometimes they experience great success whereas they have no idea how they did it. To them, they just did. These people are essentially the underdogs in disguise. Depending on other placements, the less artistic and creative Pisceans may be more inclined to anything which allows them to express themselves through nurturing others. Helping others has a strange way of helping them as it gives them perspective on their physical reality. Whether it be struggling with accepting positive comments from others or basing self-validation on them, the more developed Piscean learns the art of self-healing.

Granted they have the strongest connection to higher consciousness, their setback lies in the fact they struggle using it to manifest their wildest dreams. They are more susceptible to misconstruing the information they’re channeling. In turn, this can make them translucent, idealistic, and therefore more likely to be constantly disappointed or unsatisfied. However, to achieve a sense of well-being, most [if not all] Pisceans need some creative outlet to help them make sense of whatever they’re experiencing. Remember creativity can extend beyond art and into anything pertaining to one’s passions.

Above all, Pisces lives in a constant state of uncomfortability which strangely pushes them towards adaptability and eventually transcendence. We can hate on their dreaminess, but their wanderlust is what allows them to open themselves to everything life has to offer. Once they achieve this level of growth, they find themselves attracting the love, opportunities, and tribe they had longed for and what we knew they had the potential to be all along.