Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Libra woman by Tati Moons.

Positive: Exceptionally balanced, empathetic, sophisticated, approachable, amiable, realistic, artistic, humorous, open-minded, hardworking, fair-minded, discerning, opinionated, impartial

Negative: self-indulgent, moody, conceited, spiteful, indecisive, complacent, lazy, cynical, inconsistent, self-critical

The scales of justice do little justice when describing the Libra personality. People born under this zodiac sign are gently fierce and fiercely gentle. Air signs generally rule communication– with Aquarius cooking up conspiracies whereas Gemini loves hearing themselves talk. Libras, on the other hand, are the ones who “just wanna have a talk”. Ruling the 7th house of reciprocity, they’re quite people-minded. Meaning they know exactly what people want versus needs to hear— generally allowing them to get along and work well with their peers… and yes, their flexibility is attractive in relationships of all type.

Being impartial and one of the (if not the) most empathetic signs, they’re typically non-judgmental. It may not be apparent at first due to their slightly obnoxious yet well justified sense of humor. Grace and charm are rarely overlooked traits. Granted Libra most definitely has the two, there’s more to this blend than sugar, spice, and everything nice. Anyone close with a Libra knows they’re just as a quick to hype you up as they are to roast the hell out of you. As quick to help out with a greater cause as ready as they are to cut a b—-h.

Because of Libra’s dualistic nature, self-expression through physicality and soul is ideal. First, let’s clear the whole “vain” myth. Librans aren’t vain– they’re ruled by Venus. Their artistic inclination is present in simple areas like their makeup, hair, skin, and other bodily expressions such as tattoos, piercings, and/or their body itself. This can be through modeling, body building, and/or fitness. Yes, they are [more often than not] body positive. Regardless of size. The “insecure” stereotypes most mainstream sources label them is just… no. An underdeveloped Libra definitely will have less control over their insecurities and can be cynical of themselves, others, and the world around them. However, this is actually one of the less common scenarios as they outgrow this at a relatively young age.

Which brings me to my next point– Librans are the empaths of the zodiac and no one can change my mind. This is the most misunderstood trait of all signs– especially Libra. To add, Libra is not one of the most “social” and “wild” zodiac signs. When they get an energy burst– specifically those who don’t have an artistic outlet to express themselves– then the social scene is where you’ll find Libra. Even then they’re still poised, graceful, and one helluva time. Most of the time, however, Librans limit their socialization because they get drained easily. They may seem like they don’t have emotional depth, but they do. They just have to sit down and dabble into it because they lead their interactions with other through intuition.

If your Libra friend gets ready to go out with you [all ready to go] then they suddenly go, “Ehhh. I don’t feel like going anymore.” Yeah, that has less to do with the indecisiveness and more to do with a sudden shift in their energy they subconsciously picked up on. If they don’t tell you this, it’s simply because they aren’t aware of it. More reserved Librans don’t completely isolate as they are inclined to social media. However, even then they have to take phone breaks to protect their energetic space. They’re extremely sensitive to energy– physical, mental, spiritual, you name it.

For this reason, they do exceptionally well in the arts. They are often inclined to music– whether it be a critic, creator, instrumentalist, vocalist, etc.– because it’s more performance-based. It elevates their energy– which is much needed for the empath who gets drained before the effort was even made. However, their artistic versatility is present even in the art of communication itself– from rhetoric, literature, etc. Now a days, social media is undertaking an art form in itself. Regardless of what it is, Librans legit try to see and create beauty where there is none. They don’t tear others down; they aim to transform the pain of themselves and others into cynical, light-hearted humor. Which yes, it’s called balance. Get with it or get left behind.

Lastly, their empathetic and diplomatic nature are what make them both lazy and passionate. Especially if they have a strong fire or Mars presence in their 1st, 3rd, and/or 10th house, they often take center stage in public speaking, organizing, activism, lecturing, etc. Librans speak passionately, and sometimes many misconstrue this as aggression or bad temperament. This can be the case, but it’s also the fact they have an issue with repression. Sometimes they get too complacent with letting things roll of their back while ignoring their own needs. It’s only human to do this, so it’s unnecessary to paint them as hasty and moody when they have a right to that.

It’s difficult digging dirt on the Libra profile because their generalized traits are balanced. Individual natal chart placements really matter with this sign because they’re essentially a “neutral” energy, so to speak. The biggest issue with Libra isn’t what they do to others– it’s how they communicate and interact with themselves. How gentle they are on their own well-being. Their reclusion and knack for playing wounded warrior. However, once Libra overcomes this personality setback, they are the true integrating force we all so desperately need.