Positive traits: Exceptionally creative, passionate, generous, optimistic, vivacious, empathetic, performative, determined, fun-loving, youthful, transparent, open-minded, versatile, courageous, expressive, energetic, analytical, people-minded

Negative traits: Inconsiderate, egoistic, quick-tempered, domineering, moody, impractical, arrogant, impulsive, imbalanced, overly indulgent, melodramatic

The heart-centered Leos are coined the “royals” of the zodiac as half-ass and boring are not suiting for the Leonian taste. People born under this sign are the force of fire captivating all audiences alike. Many assume Leo’s bold and charismatic presence to be attention seeking and/or “too much”. However, anyone who gets to know a Leo understands absolutely all thoughts and actions are fueled primarily through passion. Ruled by the Sun, they radiate sunny optimism and are born to be a beacon of creative self-expression. Many note Leo as an overly extroverted sign; however, they are more ambiverts who need to complete and shine and set cycle to really step into the best versions of themselves.

In more cases than not, Leos are often well-liked and arguably socialites [depending on if it’s a Leo with more reserved placements in their chart]. People admire their authenticity and courage to express their truths through any medium from art, music, writing, athletics, physicality, scholarship, and so forth considering they are quite versatile. Leos are not only analytical and strategic, they use their brains to get exactly what it is that they want. Their charisma allows them to tactfully acquire respect from their peers– to include leadership and taking center stage in the public arena. Because they’re so bold and magnetic, they naturally draw attention– good and bad– as they are also great storytellers through oral and physical expression. It checks out why harnessing the Leo energy is ideal for achieving fame and recognition.

Because their personality can be rather intense and ever-consuming, others misconstrue Leo’s passion as aggression, self-centeredness, or “thirstiness”, if you will. Sometimes this is very well the case; however, it has more to do with how Leo has normalized their passionate and energetic outbursts because they’re just enthusiastic people. Leo’s people-pleasing nature, nevertheless, only makes this trait easier to misconstrue as others may feel Leo lives in performance mode. A setback accompanying the Leo confidence is oftentimes the need for validation from others– though they don’t necessarily “need” it as much as they are used to it. With that being said, a sudden lack thereof can send Leo into overthinking and questioning their worth. The negative manifestation of this is, in fact, the egotism and self-focused agenda that surfaces an ugly and almost unbearable side of the Leo personality. However, Leos are more soft than their fellow fire signs who are quite self-critical even if their pride won’t let them admit it to others or even themselves.

Many paint Leo as the “me, me, me” sign who is self-centered and conceited; however, this is so far from the truth. Simply put, Leos feel they are more of service when they can help people relate to them through their personal experiences. With Leo energy being made for self-expression, this part of their personality is one of the greatest assets they can contribute to the world because it works. Much like any king and queen, Leo rules their realm with love and heartfelt intentions for those around them– though it may not be apparent at first. They just try to be the best they can be for other people while neglecting the fact they have to tend to their own space first. Every Leo needs periods of solitude to restore their being.

An underdeveloped Leo often struggles with effectively communicating and expressing their needs despite them thinking they do. Leos see themselves as open books who can easily be read because of their larger-than-life persona though they forget to put the words on the pages. In other words, people keep thinking Leo is self-centered and only receptive to their emotions when really they either 1) don’t want to burden others with their issues and therefore don’t say exactly what they mean or 2) they believe their emotional reactions [good and bad] speak enough for them. Yes, Leo is a softie to a fault even if they’re ready to throw the lion paws. Their expressive nature is their ultimate strength and downfall. When they learn to use it to lift themselves and everyone else up in the process, it balances their place with the self and collective.

Above all, Leo shines best when they learn to build their confidence on faith and not ego. On answering to their inner calling and not what the world is asking from them. Leo is the master of externalization, but they have to remember the process starts with internalization. Deep in the Leo heart is the source of their creative expression, and people dulling their luminous spirit blocks the light they were destined to provide the world.

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