Leo Rising Personality

The ascendant sign in astrology is not the same as your sun sign. Whereas your sun sign is determined based on which sign the sun was in when you were born, your rising sign is the sign which was ascending on the eastern horizon at your exact time of birth. It’s a point on the first house cusp that sets up our entire birth charts. Kee in mind the 1st house rules all matters of self– from perception, appearance, identity, first impressions, among other “firsts” in our lives. It sets the stage for how your entire life can and will play out. The ascendant is arguably the most important part to writing horoscopes and interpreting birth charts.

Why, may you ask? Astrology is largely interpreted from a geocentric viewpoint– meaning our observations are based on how celestial activity is perceived from our position here on Earth. Hence, why our ascendant has to do with self-perception and identity. However, which house your sun and other planets will occupy are based on the ascendant. For example, an Aquarius sun with a Leo rising would put the native’s sun in their 7th house of partnership, relationship, and reciprocity.

The midheaven/zenith (MC), nadir (IC), descendant (DS), and ascendant (AS) are all points that mark the angular house cusps. It isn’t just an “angle”. Remember the angles are the squares that set up the chart’s quadrants. The AS/DS/MC/IC are exact perpendicular points to each other that represents the most important areas of our lives— identity, family, friends/lovers, and ultimately our soul’s purpose.
Some Leo ascendants can have an Aries MC/Libra IC instead of a Taurus MC/Scorpio IC. Though Aries/Libra isn’t too common.

“Ascendant” and “rising” sign are synonymous.

Leo Rising Overview

A Leo ascendant can give any sun/moon duo that ba-bam! These folks are exceptionally friendly and optimistic (or they try to be, at least). They tend to be popular, more or less, even if it’s unwarranted or unwanted. May I add it’s in many cases “by name” and not so much that they’re socially butterflies (though they can be). After all, their fun loving and magnetic personalities make it hard for others not to notice them. The native’s sun sign will largely depend on how this plays out. However, what distinguishes a Leo ascendant from the others is how their need to stand from a crowd and be different can in turn foster a more steadfast, reserved approach to life and their creative self-expression. Allowing them to develop the confidence needed to better present themselves— physically and energetically.

This doesn’t mean these folks aren’t confident (or have the potential to be). If anything, it adds a splash of it. Sociable and friendly, It’s common to see these folks as upbeat and outgoing when young and growing up. I personally haven’t observed anyone with this placement not go through a “wild phase” they eventually outgrow. Especially when the native has found something they genuinely enjoy, to include the people they love being around. They don’t outgrow their sociability and friendliness, however. It just goes from 10 notches to, like, 6 or 8.

One thing to note because of this is how the native is often a “late bloomer” in areas of their appearance. Now, it isn’t to say they aren’t attractive or that their awkward phase overstays their welcome— though it can for some. Part of it is the youthful nature of Leo, which, can show in how they develop their appearance. A certain curiosity about their own creative strengths is usually their priority over their looks earlier in their life. For others, their body can be a priority— which, can have a vise versa effect on how their health can grow or hinder their creative abilities. This placement comes with a lot of raw talent, so their awareness is affixed on what they could [or should] be much of their upbringing. However, achieving what it is they set their sights on has a double whammy effect to where their physical glow is more and more pronounced. Literally, all skin colors and types alike with this placement have a certain glow when at their best. Not to mention these people are quite beautiful, but I’ve noticed many grow into it with time. Style wise: anything from athleisure, boho chic, to conservatively scandalous. They like to make impressions, but their sense of style isn’t necessarily as bold as a Leo sun personality.

Despite the larger than life qualities usually associated with Leo, a Leo ascendant doesn’t pronounce them as much as a sun or moon placement. One quality shared is performative abilities, whether it’s demonstrated through sports, music, entertainment, or dramatic arts. Considering Taurus rules personal finance and the natural environment, many with this midheaven placement can also pursue careers in the business, interpersonal, and even recreational realms (remember Leo also rules child-like play, leisure, and recreation.) Add an Aries MC/Libra IC and the native can end up in politics, advocacy, leadership, and/or literal royalty. (This is a less common MC placement for Leo rising.) There’s also a strong entrepreneurial and/or ambassadorship quality with a Leo ascendant (depending). Compared to other entrepreneurial ascendants, however, they’re more inclined to capitalizing on physicality (as a good)— usually in the beauty, health, food, and/or wellness industries.

Whether it surfaces through sociability, studies, or another creative pursuit, they know they “have it” from the start. Matter of fact, this knowing is what pushes them through what seems to be a slow moving astrological placement. The catch— many also don’t tap into this potential until late adolescence or early adulthood. Keeping in mind most Leo ascendants have a Taurus midheaven (10th House cusp), much physical and artistic creativity is empowered with this placement. The native’s Scorpio IC (4th House cusp) can suggest this secrecy or withholding of their abilities. Of course, also making them dedicated to their family. Some even feel restricted in their upbringing— whether it be strict parents, strong attachment to family, geographic boundaries, hometown distastes, feeling or being sheltered, etc. The challenges with this IC can create a sense of insecurity for the native at certain points in their development. They can limit their self-expression— which, any prominent Leo placement needs to develop this part of their personality to feel complete. Otherwise, their confidence suffers and a sense of inadequacy lingers around them until they do. After all, Leo is the sign of creative self-expression.

An Aquarius descendant (7th House cusp) can push them to act in a way that isn’t necessarily consistent with who the native showcases themselves to be. Basically, Scorpio IC brings a strong element of secrecy into the mix while Aquarius DC can add a low key eccentricity that is more so expressed around those they’re close with than through their mannerisms or appearance (depending). As Aquarius is also a global minded sign ruling all matters of humanity, they also find themselves meeting friends and potential love interests who are different from them— perhaps even those of a different racial, ethnic, or cultural background. It also pushes the native to express their truest self in a quirky yet interesting way. In turn, they can receive mixed signals from others’ responses to this. This can impact the validation they need, for better or worse. They usually come much into their own, however, as they better understand their unique attributes.

The Leo ascendant is above all a desirable and empowering placement. Wouldn’t say this ascendent can make anyone an extrovert, though they take on more extroverted than introverted qualities. It’s honestly difficult to say they “always crave attention” when that isn’t necessarily the case either. Simply put, a Leo rising brings out the superstar in even the more reserved sun/moon duos. Oh, how many faces I’ve seen light up with reassurance when they found out they’re a Leo rising. There’s a lingering potential both others and the native subtly pick up on— though the native is much more receptive to it. While Leo craves to be seen, the best note to end on for Leo rising: they wear an invisible crown, and that’s all they need.