Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Capricorn woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Exceptionally disciplined, strong-willed, organized, socially aware, practical, analytical, steadfast, discerning, honest, protective, versatile, humorous, intellectually inclined, realistic, ambitious, caring, patient, highly respected, compassionate, cognizant

Negative traits: Aloof, un-mindful, physically inclined, superficial, detached, judgmental, manipulative, dull, self-consumed, indulgent, hypocritical, perfectionist, skeptical

Half fish, half mountain goat. Those born under the zodiac sign Capricorn are symbolic to the mythical Centaur. Much how the top half the Centaur is the fierce mountain goat, Caps are more inclined to show the world their “upper half”– or their best selves, so to speak. While they aren’t necessarily vain or too consumed in appearance, they are exceptionally reputation conscious and value their presence in the world. As they’re ruled by the 10th house– or the highest points in our charts pertaining to our destiny– they’re relentless when it comes to achieving their goals. Steadfast, disciplined, and patient, these people have a knack for sticking out the worst which allows them to strive to the top with anything they set their minds to.

Capricorns are often noted as the “workaholics” of the zodiac– which honestly is well-deserved. I think the reason people label them with this, however, is a bit misconstrued. On one hand, yes, Caps prefer nice belongings and can value the more superficial things in life– to include the friendships, relationships, and interactions they build with others. The whole “if you ain’t talking money, I don’t wanna talk” is quite fitting for these people. However, these people are also security-driven and have the motivation to protect their own space. Not only do they see their emotions as an investment, they approach everyone and everything with caution. Simply because they ask themselves what value can others bring to their lives. Caps know their worth despite any insecurity burrowing underneath.

Their perfectionism and workaholic nature is simply a defense mechanism. It ensures they can have the financial, emotional, and spiritual security they need to achieve the happiness many assume is impossible for them to achieve due to this so-called superficiality. While our existence is physical, most people try shoving aside our physical realities. Capricorn, on the other hand, does not and refuses to overlook any issue. They are the embodiment of “tough love”. Granted they can be slightly judgmental, they see judgment as a way of creating movement from self-limiting behaviors. This is why they are often strict and authoritarian in the family unit whereas they enforce discipline above anything else.

Outside the family unit, these people [in most cases] are bound to be their own boss and perhaps everyone else’s. They’re actually great leaders who try being fair– especially more developed Caps in tune with their empathy. Despite popular belief, they aren’t control freaks. If they ever are, they usually minimize this trait with experience as they are observant and analytical. They can sense when people are dissatisfied with their leadership or decision making; thus, they’re not as stubborn in this aspect. Their stubbornness is most strongly present in their personal relationships and family as this is where their standards are set the highest. Weirdly enough, they’re more judgmental of those associated with them than people themselves; however, they aren’t necessarily as judgmental as people assume them to be especially as they get older.

Self-sacrificing is the very opposite of Capricorn’s nature– though a strong water presence in their personal charts may influence this aspect. These people are the masters of manifestation as they are well-attuned with physical reality and their deeper selves. Especially more developed Capricorns are socially and culturally aware. Likewise, they’re also grounded in their spirituality and intuition. Many Caps are more inclined to religion because it’s a physical means for spirituality; however, it really depends on other 9th house placements in their personal natal chart. Less developed Caps, however, are more likely to sulk in cynicism and pessimism when they aren’t aligned.

Being physically inclined isn’t necessarily bad; however, Capricorn’s nature often manifests this trait in a negative manner. As a cardinal Earth sign, the mountain goat may find themselves constantly roaming for greener pastures to where they lose track of what can truly be meaningful to them. We can’t diss them for having exceptionally high standards, but, these people thrive best when both the goat and fish work simultaneously. Their fish tail is ultimately what allows them to ride rough waters with poise and dignity. Their bottom half isn’t the strong goat legs but a fish tail. People of this sign tend to neglect their emotions despite being softies underneath the boney, tough exterior. As they have the tail as their legs, metaphorically speaking, what truly allows a Cap to achieve the fulfillment they gravely seek is their soft emotional nature. For this reason, not confronting the emotions can lead them to over-indulging in physical substances or investing too much energy into physical returns [i.e. nice things, their work, sex, etc.]. Most Caps go through a self-destructive phase before coming to these realizations– which they do in most cases.

Nothing, I mean nothing, is more powerful than a compassionate, aligned Capricorn. Their setbacks in attaching to physical outcomes and realities is how they manifest and/or self-destruct. They must learn the power of vulnerability– as it allows them to detach from some physicality and get in tune with their higher selves and others. Capricorn, overall, is an exemplary sign who can teach us a thing or two about hard work, perseverance, and ultimate fulfillment within ourselves.