Cancer Personality Profile

Positive traits: Reliable, loyal, generous, artistic, humorous, impartial, gentle, easygoing, fun-loving, youthful, accepting, analytical, diplomatic, emotionally inclined, amiable, compassionate, approachable, intelligent, versatile, trustworthy

Negative traits: Sulky, self-sacrificing, precarious, pompous, overly submissive, manipulative, self-sabotaging, passive aggressive, complacent

People born under this sign are ruled by the divine feminine as they are ruled by the Moon. The zodiac’s gentle and youthful moon children plant seeds and ground their roots in the home. With their sunny optimism, they also blossom with an array of flowers which attracts others with their nector-like nurturance. Above all, Cancerians have this endearment about them as they are excellent friends, parents, siblings, and overall people who relentlessly put others before themselves.

They are often labeled as “introverts”; however, this isn’t necessarily true. Compared to their fellow water signs, they are far more outgoing and can easily pick up energy momentum– which is why these people are (or must try to be weary) of who they let into their inner space. Humorous and often corky, they are often the class clowns or the one making the friend group laugh. They open their kindness with humor and lighthearted conversation to cope with their [usually minor] social anxiety– and of course, this usually works in their favor as they’re exceptionally likable among their peers. They’re also relatable and trustworthy. While people may assume Cancer’s gentleness as them being a “goody good”, this isn’t always the truth per se. As they’re more inclined to socializing than their fellow water signs, they act out at a younger age or engage in self-limiting behavior as a defense mechanism when less developed. Of course, this also comes with extremely valuable lessons that ultimately teach them compassion and understanding for others.

Another overlooked trait of Cancerians are their intelligence. Remember intelligence can take on multiple forms whereas people born under this sign are rather versatile. It’s more common for them to have more analytical, spatial, and emotional intelligence– which is why they are either inclined to mathematic, scientific, or creative endeavors. As many are also inclined to art, art is an excellent vehicle of self-expression. Because they give their time and energy to others more than they do themselves, however, they invest less into what they can become and instead help others step up to the plate. They’re not “whiny” and “pessimistic”– they’re just good at being the backseat drivers in life. This isn’t a “living vicariously” situation either as they admire those who are more relentless in their pursuit of individuality. Now, Cancerians are definitely individualistic; however, their comfort zone is the home and family. For this reason, it’s more difficult for them to detach from the collective-geared mindset to where they can rightfully claim their own power. It’s possible– Cancerians just have to overcome the self-sacrificing (or the extreme opposite, neglecting others) tendencies first.

Just because they have a homely nature to them doesn’t mean they’re always willing to settle in one spot– after all, they’re a cardinal sign. Much how flowers can carry their seeds and be present as another botanic being, Cancerians are similar. Especially if there’s fire present in their 1st, 3rd, and 10th houses, they may be inclined towards performance and the public arena. Overall, the best label for this facet of their personality is “ambivert” because while they’re outgoing, they more often draw themselves inwards.

One trait people don’t give Cancerians enough credit for is their ability to adapt to multiple worldviews as they always try seeing the best in people and their situations– no matter how much they disagree in the end. A less developed Cancer is often shallow to the extent where they judge behind others’ backs. In the least ideal circumstances, Cancerians can be relatively harsh with their savagery– almost to where it catches people off guard. While many don’t see the “talk behind backs” as justified, a sign like Cancer (water signs) need it because they are less confrontational; therefore, their emotions and thoughts towards a person or situation will pent up. However, Cancer typically outgrows this trait with maturity. Some misconstrue this behavior as “fake”– though Cancerians just adapt to what’s around them and sometimes need an outlet to express their personal beliefs. They can be rather [emotionally] biased, but honestly what sign isn’t when they don’t shed ego? With time, they learn to express their opposing views and emotions healthily and tactfully.

Much like any other sign, Cancer has personality setbacks that can give the overall sign a bad name– though it shouldn’t. As they can have their summery optimism beaming joy into other people’s lives, a less developed and/or one who is attached to negative beings and circumstances can easily withdraw their roots (perhaps even over-plant them). Sometimes precarious, they feel a need to change their discourse even if they aren’t necessarily bearers of change. It checks out why these people have an affinity for traveling and (ideally) having someone they love be part of the journey.

While their water element can help cleanse and refresh, it can also be powerful and drown others and themselves if they aren’t self-aware. As long as they’re getting the sunlight, love, and nurturance they so hope to be for everyone else, we can all count on Cancer to enhance our lives in ways we always take for granted.

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