Aries Sun Personality

Aries Ruling Planet: Mars

Wam, bam, it’s Aries the Ram! Identifying those born under this cardinal fire sign isn’t typically hard considering they do more than stand out in a crowd. Frankly, they do more than take center stage. Whether it be the podium in front or the athletic field, these folks have a commanding presence in more than one place. Typically look for the one who has a ruthless sense of humor, sarcasm, and yes— the one who speaks more than loud enough for the back to hear. The high energy cardinal sign of the zodiac has a fast moving body with the mental capacity to match. As the first sign of the zodiac, don’t expect these folks to be anywhere but at the top of the ladder. With all due bluntness here— Arians’ badassery is unmatched. Everyone (including themselves) knows they’re the $#%*— which is why they’re often put on a pedestal without them even trying.

What distinguishes Aries from other fire signs, however, is that they aren’t so much social climbers. Their strong dynamism, social charm, yet ruthless honesty is what makes them a rather controversial and overall misunderstood personality. Arians are typically likable and well respected among their peers. In many cases, their ruthless humor captures respect yet distaste— whereas they usually aren’t sorry for what they said (or they wouldn’t have said it). On the other hand, it’s important to note their ‘selective sociability’. They have the magnetism and social savvy needed to captivate others and their trust— which is why they’re often mislabeled as “social butterflies”. Especially if an Aries doesn’t have a creative, intellectual, or physical outlet to pour their energy into, the social scene and leadership is where they get the energy release needed for their overall well being.

However, they’re exceptionally selective of who they associate with. They surround themselves with likeminded individuals who can constantly offer the physical, mental, and emotional stimulation they need. In turn, those who aren’t close with Aries can misconstrue their short attention spans and other impulses as either destructive, hasty, or selfish. This is another reason why they opt out of regular socialization and strongly value alone time. Some call it pretentious; Aries calls it the protection of their energetic space.

Sure, many of this sign generally don’t like people or the bullshit that comes with interaction. Then again, they still need stimulation and influence because it validates the fact their individualism empowers others. Thankfully, they’re honest and straightforward about their intentions— which is what either makes or breaks whatever position they’re in. Though people smart, where people get it twisted is the blunt communication style of Arians. So basically they understand what people want and why, yet their strong sense of self pushes them to call it exactly how they see it. Sometimes resulting in overly-forward expressions of their thoughts, feelings, and anything in between. So while they may be charming and can be pleasant (depending on the chart), their flirting and interpersonal communication style is sometimes unusual to many. Not to mention Arians defy rules the older they get, meaning they’ll say or do something outlandish or against all societal norms. Or— other Arians will have more reserved mannerisms because they absolutely won’t say or do anything they don’t mean or care about.

As the sign of “self”, their pursuits have their personal goal in mind above all else. Many construe this as the whole “will do anything to win”. This usually isn’t true, as Arians are competitive to where they have to win with honesty and integrity to achieve the fulfillment they’re looking for. Of all flaws people choose to pull out of their ass about Aries, un-fairness and a disabled moral compass is not list worthy whatsoever. Matter of fact, the whole popular conception that Arians will always be the president, CEO or “face” of a respective group is only because they make anything they do look so easy. In actuality, their strong sense of self overrides the conformity necessary to fulfill such big positions… and when they do, they often rub many the wrong way.

Aries is also a low key softie. As a natural alpha whose presence commands a room, they have an endearing sense of hope for the best— for both themselves and others. Especially considering their knack for making the magic happen. However, Arians feel like they’re in a constant state of having to hold it down for others. Oftentimes convincing them out of showing their more vulnerable side. Their strong personalities usually make them a target of criticism or envy. For this reason, they may feel on defense mode against others— largely because we live in a society that, God forbid, has more Kim Possibles than they thought (yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if KP is a dang Aries). Aries can literally do anything. Yes, it actually pisses people off.

The downside to the Arian personality is how they stretch themselves thin. The Aries paradox is the qualities they’re equipped with to get what they want, yet they have so much of this potential it usually leads to burn outs or impulsive decision making. Their cardinal need to branch out and start multiple projects largely contributes. As mentally and physically stimulated individuals, these folks need something to pour into. With their exceptional intelligence, they nevertheless receive creative inspirations that push them to initiate. This comes at the cost of their time and energy, which can bleed into other areas of life. Changing their optimism to cynicism. Passion into aggression. Focus into neglect. They must learn its impossible to literally have everything. To choose wisely what they battle versus pursue.

Overall, Aries is what you see what you get. They’re relentlessly transparent. Oftentimes, they’re seen as “too much” to more reserved personalities. Get past the scatter brains, high energy bursts, random rants, and other “overbearing” things they do to release their energy. You’ll see they’re refreshingly real, trustworthy, and empowering.