Graphic content found and created on PicsArt. Aries woman by Tati Moons.

Positive traits: Strong, blunt, commanding, magnetic, energetic, passionate, optimistic, analytical, fair-minded, introspective, action-oriented, transparent, spontaneous, authentic, independent, self-motivated, tactful, exceptionally intelligent

Negative traits: domineering, disorganized, forgetful, intense, temperamental, stubborn, emotionally unavailable, over-demanding, uncooperative, pretentious, intolerant, impatient, arrogant, inconsiderate

Wam, bam, it’s Aries the Ram! People born under this sign give the “people say things about me that I barely knew about myself” a whole new meaning. They’re put on a pedestal, whether they want it or not, because they’re the #1 of the zodiac! People love to hate and hate to love them for one specific reason— they’re literally the $#!#, and everyone [including them] knows it. People are misled to think of them as cocky, arrogant, and the type to play dirty to get whah they want. Of course the cardinal fire of the zodiac is going to have self-initiative and a competitive attitude. It only makes sense to why they have a larger than life trophy case with a long standing list of titles and leadership positions they’ve held. From student body president to business executive, Aries knows how to hold their ground. In turn, their commanding presence leaves others to entrust in them— which, not to mention this sign is exceptionally trustworthy.

Though they’re friendly, likable, and often mislabeled as a “social butterfly”, let’s just say they aren’t as inclined to big friend groups and have selective sociability. A tribe consisting of like-minded people who can keep up with their fast paced energy and satisfy their need for constant physical, mental, and intellectual stimulation. Not to say they aren’t popular or interactive with different social groups, but it’s safe to say they don’t vibe with them [or do they really care to]. One part is they don’t care; the other part is they get bored easily and quickly. Strangely, people like Aries more than Aries likes them. Aries is unintentionally hilarious and carries a magnetism that’s hard to resist.

More reserved Aries, nevertheless, are either gifted students, athletes, artists, or intellectuals. Other Arians who underperform compared to their peers, so to speak, are exceptionally gifted individuals who simply don’t apply themselves for whatever their personal reason may be. However, these individuals often have a strong social presence among their peers [or have potential to]. If they don’t… chances are, Aries wants it to be that way. Consistency lies within the self and not so much the external world for this sign. They aren’t self-centered– they’re centered within themselves. Note the difference. Let’s be honest, nothing drains an Aries more than senseless, ignorant people who plague bigger social settings. Some people call this pretentious; Aries calls it the protection of their energetic space.

Aries is notably an alpha sign who leads even in their social circles. Due to a strong sense of individuality, many Arians may not pursue leadership positions due to the catty and nasty politics behind them. In areas where it comes to fair play and integrity, Aries will always choose to hold their own before stooping beneath it. These people are champions of the underdogs and letting others rightfully express who they are. People misconceive Aries as the power hungry leader, which is an unfair characterization on all levels. Never let their intolerance to bulls—t make you think they’re unfriendly or generous because they are.

Though their warrior energy can be rather intimidating to many, the fighter within them never goes unnoticed and is the beaming light of hope for the underdogs. Of course, this means people see them as the type who they’d want them fighting for but not fighting with. Confrontation is second nature to Arians as their fast acting mind and mouth often deliver tactfully before their opponent can check in. They don’t discriminate on whose bulls—t they feel like calling out that day. It only makes sense to why many are seen as lawyers, pundits, or leading exec of a business. Keeping in mind they rule the head and brain in medical astrology, they’re exceptionally intelligent and literally “have eyes on the back of their heads”.

Arians are far above the average, mundane, and petty behaviors and lifestyles of most people. On the other hand, an underdeveloped Aries often exhibits the traits of a beta trying hard to be alpha— despite the fact this sign is alpha by nature. Sometimes the natural alpha inflates their self-image which therefore clouds how they perceive and treat others, themselves, and all in between. This behavior is a result of the subconscious insecurities stemming from their self-perceived shortcomings. In other words, Arians often stress themselves out and/or exhibit the the domineering, unpleasant side when they personally feel they haven’t done or achieved enough. More specifically, this is likely a recurring theme for them that has [or can] complicate friendships, relationships, and pretty much all aspects of their personal lives when they start holding themselves and anything associated with them to unrealistically high standards.

The issue here is Aries is almost too independent whereas many people are co-dependent. Considering Aries shares an axis with balanced and fair Libra, they benefit more from learning the beauty of interdependence than going at everything by themselves. Independence is where their ultimate hand of power lies, and of course, can be used for better or for worse. Interdependence, however, is much more enriching and beneficial to Aries because it preserves their valuable energy while making others feel needed as well– which is often a setback with Aries when it comes to the family unit and their career as they are inevitably going to lead somewhere… somehow. Many feel this sign is neglectful and inconsiderate of others’ feelings when this isn’t necessarily true– almost everything is intentional with Aries. They’re just more upfront about their intentions whereas most people aren’t.

With the Arian warrior complex, however, they may find it easy to neglect their physical [and therefore mental] health which only frustrates the entire process they worked so hard putting into motion. One shall not mislead themselves with their hard-A attitude, however, as they often amount to less [on purpose] simply because the world can’t handle how powerful they truly are. Because Aries leads the zodiac as the #1, it entails a certain obligation they are subconsciously always trying to answer to. They are driven by self and individualism, yes. However, growing themselves is how they contribute to the world. The undesirable traits mainstream sites brand Arians with are usually a result of our social world belittling their fire when their fire fuels movement for themselves and the collective. They work hard and channel a great deal of energy into their goals to manifest a desirable life. Above all, they’re the sign who [metaphorically speaking] wants to have the party where everyone can enjoy the finer things.

This is why it’s important for people born under this sign to learn how to slow down and just be. Because Aries is usually so driven even in their earlier years, they grow more youthful with age [as weird as it sounds]. In the grander scheme of things, their personality drawbacks are relatively easy to overcome given they minimize ego and control their tempers. Thankfully with time, Aries will do exactly just that. They’re simply passionate and focus on what it is they love. All is not lost with Aries as they are the fighting force moving us all in a better direction.