Aries Moon Personality

Moon Sign Overview

Your Moon sign is not the same as your Sun sign (unless, you’re a New Moon baby). Whereas your Sun sign is determined based on the month and day, your Moon depends on where it is during its 28 day lunar cycle. Switching signs about every 2 days. The Moon sign is the antithesis of our Sun sign— indicating how we internalize rather than externalize our experiences. It tells us how we nurture and need to be nurtured.

It’s equally as important to our Sun signs and is most apparent in emotionally or intuitively intense situations. Many people seem to identify more with their Moon signs due to the familiarity of our internalizations. However, family and intimate relationships are also the ones who are most susceptible to our Moon sign qualities (as opposed to Venus signs that are more surface level).

Aries Moon Overview

Those with an Aries Moon have an unmistakably intense emotional nature. No matter the Sun or rising of the native, outgoing or reserved. They have this distinct ‘baddie’ vibe setting them apart from other Moon signs, especially given how strongly felt this placement is (all gender identities alike). Transparency— physically, emotionally, and intuitively— is where their comfort zone lies. They can come off as intimidating to those who don’t personally know them— oftentimes for no apparent reason. Besides the fact they exude alpha that extends beyond their home life and personal relationships. Get past their cool and calculated demeanor— including a feisty temperament— and you’ll find they’re affectionate, generous, empowering, and not to mention spicyyyy.

What I said about this energy being so strongly felt: an Aries Moon can take on a mix of qualities anywhere between a Scorpio/Aries Venus. In my observation, an Aries Moon is a lot more intense than an Aries Sun, equally as intense as Scorpio Sun but not quite the same in manifestation. In respect to intimate and intuitive expressions, anyways. The whole leathered, cherry red, strike-a-match to burn the smoke grandeurs we see with 1980s classic rom-coms is big Aries Moon energy. Depending on their Sun/rising sign, interestingly, it’s common for the native to see themselves in this light more so than other people do. Frankly, the native may question why they aren’t seen as approachable when they personally believe they have a warm and welcoming disposition. They do, more or less, though it depends on their chart.

The transparency of an Aries Moon, in many cases, makes their internalizations more obvious to those around them (unlike most Moon signs). By obvious, I usually mean one of two things: (1) their fiery enthusiasm in part with an overwhelming temper, or (2) a somewhat arrogant indifference in how they respond to others’ emotions and needs. They can be optimistic and adventurous, yet their energy outbursts are either inspiring or off-putting.

Their home life and close knit circle is where their true alpha kicks in. The native may find others— such as family, partners, and close friends— put them on a pedestal without them even doing much. However, harsh aspects to the IC, Moon, or family synastry charts can push them to be the rebellious, outspoken, and defiant child of their household. Or, in the very least, the fiercely independent one to a point of spoilage (ie parents saying screw it and letting them do whatever). Also worth noting how the Moon Sign is the energy we can pick up on in others but can’t quite put a finger on what exactly it is. For Aries Moon, they may find authority figures (earliest examples being the parent/guardian) gravitate towards them versus siblings and/or peers. Many end up in leadership they didn’t want or ask for – or – they demonstrate their fierce leadership through their individuality. Again, depends on the chart.

On the other hand, their passionate nature has an impressive way of channeling their emotions in a way that encourages confidence, vulnerability, and authenticity in themselves and anyone they regularly engage with. They need something simple in their expressions to distinguish them from others. It’s for their emotional well-being, as individuality is in their nature to embrace and showcase. Keeping in mind the Moon also rules over our comfort zone, decompressing is an understatement for them— take all the clothes off, foot loose, and raise the vibration. More specifically women/woman identifying natives can have this sex iconism to them, whereas the men-man identifying ones have a sophisticated sex appeal.

Their emotions are largely expressed through physicality and affection. Hence, why they’re notorious for their temper. When they internalize emotion yet rely on an external outlet to process and understand it… well, let’s just say there’s a reason why they bust in tears and screams during emotionally intense situations. Not because they’re upset about the actual situation— they’re just upset they can’t unleash their emotions on your face or don’t have a sufficient wall to punch through. Which, the physical release of crying (or hitting something, for those with more aggressive personalities) is what allows them to get over things quickly. “Hot head” isn’t necessarily accurate considering they don’t act like this often… it has to be provoked and buttons have to be pushed. Don’t be surprised if they get into at least one altercation in their life, physical or verbal. Though most times the native reacts, not provokes. Melodramatic— even a bit chaotic— but they’re definitely well intentioned.

As the Moon rules over our intuitive depths, it also suggests how we channel our spiritual gifts. Considering Aries is a visual and analytical sign, they’re commonly inclined [but not limited] to clairvoyance and claircognizance. Hence, even their spiritual downloads are transparent and literally presented to them (at least if they’re receptive). Dreams, premonitions, deja vu, vivid colors, auras, etc. Some may even call Aries Moon folks paranoid because their claircognizance overwhelms them with intuitive information. In worse cases, it can suffocate the native with overthinking. The energy is usually felt in their body to where it’s almost unavoidable— even inducing anxiety or manic if they feel there’s no where safe to express what they’re experiencing. It’s important they allow emotions to pass through as they come, to include not allowing others to invalidate the native’s feelings through the whole “you need to chill”. Never tell an Aries Moon to just “chill” when they’re upset. Either (1) just let them go off – they’ll be over it in less than an hour, or (2) distract them without dismissing their feelings.

Remember fiery Mars is ruler of Aries. The physical/sexual energy of Mars is strongly present in how Aries Moon natives channel their intuition and emotions. Sure, they’re loving and shamelessly (though selectively) affectionate. Anyone who’s close to an Aries Moon or has one— it’s important to remind yourself that you (or they) aren’t “too much”. Even with maturity, the intensity remains. But, the dynamism is what makes their emotional expressions so contagious; what makes their love and affection so addicting. Batting their eyelashes or flying off like a bat out of hell— they just want you to love and accept them without making their crazy out to be like it’s a bad thing.