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Positive traits: Exceptionally unique, eccentric, philosophical, empathetic, amiable, free-spirited, inventive, optimistic, humanitarian, approachable, light-hearted, spunky, gentle, intuitive, people-minded

Negative traits: Detached, inconsiderate, unreliable, non-confrontational, transluscent, stubborn, inconsistent, confusing, complacent, overly submissive, aloof, dismissive, unrelatable

Aquarius, the water bearer, is the one who does everything in their power to spread peace, love, and positivity as the rebel in disguise. Often with good intentions, people under this sign are the ones who connect us to collectivity through individuality. One will never meet a single Aquarius who is the same as they are stimulated through devil’s advocacy. In other words, once you think you have them figured out– they change just to confuse you. Or, sometimes it’s the fact they simply don’t want to be something everyone else either already is or wants them to personally be. Eccentric, spunky, and kind-hearted, these people live for the thrill despite their soft and caring side.

As a fixed sign, they have a core identity which is unwavering to change; however, their people-pleasing nature often pushes them to experiment with different identities earlier in their development. We relate to Aquarius in the sense we all just want to step into the best version of ourselves without unnecessary judgments from others. However, they’re often unrelatable solely because they are so different. As one of the zodiac’s empaths, they are much better at identifying others’ emotional needs and have a soothing touch when it comes to helping them. These beings are far from careless because they just want others to be happy. Ironically, they tend to care less about their own emotional experiences— despite people assuming them to be “selfish”— as they just aren’t as inclined to self-servitude. As empaths and water bearers, they just need rejuvenation time and to tend to their energetic space.

It’s also common to see Aquarians have a normal and “sophisticated” appearance as their self-expression usually has an exceptionally unique taste. What’s strange is Aquarians love captivating others with being so different, yet they enjoy some security that comes from conformation. However, they only make it seem like they conform when really they often mislead others to get them off their backs. In other words, their physical appearance and style don’t typically match their out-of-this-world personality– though this largely depends on their 1st and 5th houses. In many cases, they seem pretty average on the surface.

Additionally, many actually aren’t aware of how weird and eccentric Aquarians actually are until they get behind closed doors. Most people perceive them as corky and weird only to a minor degree. Matter of fact, it’s actually what attracts people to Aquarians to begin with. Their differentiality is refreshing for many. Because they’re more mentally inclined as opposed to physical, they don’t think as much into their physical expression as they do their ideas, philosophies, and/or opinions on certain topics. It’s “whatcha see is whatcha get” for most signs, but this is not the case for Aquarius as they’re usually more introverted. Their non-confrontational nature, however, is ultimately what pushes them to hide information about themselves, their identity, what they’re doing, who they’re seeing, etc. Oftentimes they’re still trying to make sense of it themselves… and with them feeling inconsistent and a let-down to others at times, they just try not confusing people more than they already do naturally.

Of course, this rarely ends well. Aquarians run-Forrest-run when it comes to confronting responsibilities or taking accountability for themselves. Granted they’re independent and typically self-aware, they own up to themselves in solitude. They may not care what people generally think of them; however, they do get upset deep down when they disappoint ones they genuinely care about. Many interpret this as inconsiderate when really they’re just trying to find a less painful way to deal with and communicate the issue. These issues stem from misunderstandings and them trying to express themselves effectively. In turn, they are what I call the “humanitarian psychopath” of the zodiac as they are more willing to dabble into the darker taboos of the human soul.

After all, they rule the 11th house of collectivity and integration. Aquarians are full of love to give the world, hence their humanitarian nature. Because they’re so big-minded, they struggle with meaningful connections with others– though it’s not a fault of their own but the socially constructed world we’ve created to where they feel they can’t connect. Their understanding of the world is what draws them to altruism, activism, service, and so forth. This is how they contribute to the world because oftentimes they struggle with contributing to others as individuals as they have difficulty relating on that level. After all, in a world where individuals conform to where they aren’t actual individuals, Aquarians’ deep thinking mind identifies this often before others do. The negative manifestation, however, is them desensitizing their emotions– therefore resulting to irrational beliefs and behaviors– when they do genuinely care for others.

This manifestation is not the most common, however. Aquarians are usually genuine, optimistic, and free-spirited to where they eventually manage this about themselves. After all, they just want to make others happy no matter how much it seems they’re only concerned with themselves. That’s simply a defense mechanism to this dull, boring world where they’d initially stick out as sore thumbs. Harnessing the Leo energy [Aquarius’s sister sign] allows them to find more individuality through creative self-expression. When they do this, these people lead the world to greatness through simply being themselves.