Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The July 2019 New Moon in Leo

Article Published on Thought Catalog

Ugh, finally, the relief we all need. The July eclipse cycle in Cancer and Capricorn was honestly exhausting for most of us. It was like swimming to shore and not being able to stop without drowning… in the middle of the night where you can’t see jack smack. 

The sun is now shining, as it’s LEO season, babes. The New Moon taking place in 8°36′ Leo on July 31 is the start of a new energetic cycle for us all. It’s a time to just soak in the sunlight and radiate it to light up darker places. It’s less about finding a new direction as much as it is pursuing the path you’ve been contemplating for the past two year cycle. 

The previous cycle in Leo/Aquarius was about creativity versus contribution, individuality versus community, and expression versus empathy. We experienced trials, tribulations, and also success through our attempts to contribute our individuality to others while practicing mindfulness. It prepared our inner strength to serve as a grounding force instead relying on our comfort zone—the place bounding us to our self-defeating behaviors. 

It’s a time of breaking barriers and self-imposed limitations. The Cancer/Capricorn cycle is centered on authority versus agency, comfort zones versus destiny, and upbringing versus evolved self. We’re entering this new cycle with the ideal energy despite any challenging aspects. Because of the last cycle in Leo finishing in January 2019, this is the first Leo New Moon in a few years that isn’t so heavy and challenging. If anything, we probably won’t get another one like it for a few years.

The energies for this New Moon precipitate for about two weeks. Come the Full Moon in Aquarius on August 15, our efforts in any pursuit– whether it be romance, career, health, and/or spirituality– will receive more attention which can make us feel exposed. If there’s any time you’ll feel most safe expressing your truest self, it is now. Harness the energy to your benefit. Leo season is made for this.

New Moon Aspects

This new moon, in addition to Venus in Leo, are squaring Uranus in Taurus—resulting in internal frustrations, less fruition than desired, or anything that can really discourage us from tackling our objectives heads on. However, we also have this moon in conjunction with Venus and Mars in Leo along with the Uranus in Taurus quintile True Node in Cancer. Mercury re-directs in Cancer on this day; however, there’s some energetic debris considering Mercury hasn’t completely left its shadow zone. For this reason, we’ll collectively seem a bit cloudy headed and still trying to put some final pieces together for at least the next week and a half (give or take).

This quintile and trine with Jupiter in Sagittarius, nevertheless, will allow us to enjoy the final few weeks of summer. Sometimes things just come together when we don’t think or put too much into it. When your pursuits seem stagnant or futile, it’s best to let it rest and recharge. This new moon in Leo is empowering us to just live to where we can feel what it’s truly like to just be—to be the new person you’re evolving into. How to be in the new space you’re adjusting to. 

We’ll likely feel more empowered to manifest our material wealth and success. This is an excellent time for channeling creativity and doing last minute check ups from retrograde maintenance. Our fruits are almost ripe. The challenging aspects are mostly centered on patience, resilience, and flow. However, your Sun and ascendant will largely determine the themes unfolding specifically for you.